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Social media campaigns and digital campaigns are approved methods to attract new clients, increase your business visibility, and promote your brand. And with new technologies reaching the market every month, there are now new ways to remain ahead of competitors.

3D Virtual Tours are unique interactive tools which allow the customer to enter your brick and mortar store through their computer or mobile device. The tours enable your customer to view the inside of your storefront before they physically visit the location. It’s the next best thing to being there!

Virtual Tours appeal to our increasingly technology-focused population. They allow you to demonstrate your business in a more holistic manner than through the use of photographs. They also improve the customer experience.

But how do you use a 3D Virtual Tour in your social media campaigns?

A Total Customer Experience

Allowing your customer the means to enter your store and look around before they visit gives you the opportunity to showcase your products, You can demonstrate the goods available for sale and entice the customer to physically visit and buy.

The pivotal aspect of the tours allows the customer to rotate the view, zoom in, and explore at their leisure. The technology is new and fun. Your potential customer can choose exactly what they want to see.

A step up from Google Street View, 3D Virtual Tours allow your customer to “step” inside your store from the street. This option ensures the inside of your shop reaches a wider customer base than ever before.

Boost Your Social Media Campaigns

Many traditional social media campaigns include a snapshot of Google Maps to show the customer the business location. Your 360 Virtual Tour can be loaded to Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Street View, and Google+.

You can now offer the customer the option to view the outside of the store and the ability to venture through the door. This advancement in technology allows an extra level of connectivity with your potential customer.

Allowing the viewer to control the scene gives your customers the choice of which products to view. They may then be tempted to purchase from your store. You may opt to display a selection of key merchandise in your Virtual Tour to increase customer interest.

A Virtual Tour allows you to show the customer your store exactly as you want them to see it. You can then make use of the expansive reach of the internet and place this viewpoint where they are most likely to see it.

Once your Virtual Tour has been filmed and loaded, the tour is as easily accessible as other Google tools. Adding the tour to your social media campaigns is as simple as adding a link.

The addition of a 3D Virtual Tour to your digital campaign delivers results through cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed customer engagement. A customer is more likely to pay a visit to a store if they already know that you have exactly what they need.

Where to Showcase Your Virtual Tour

So how can you ensure that your 3D Virtual Tour is visible to your customers?

YouTube reports that in an average month 8 out of 10 18-49-year-olds visit the website. Once produced, your 3D Virtual Tour can be loaded to YouTube as easily as any other video.

Facebook offers the user the option to load 3D videos through its “Advanced” tab. With more than 1.94 billion active monthly users, this is an ideal medium for your social media campaigns.

Twitter averaged 328 million active monthly users in the first quarter of 2017. You can simply and easily include a link to your tour in your promotional business tweet.

Business Website. Your business website is the obvious place to showcase your store’s Virtual Tour. Your 3D Tour can quickly add a new interactive point of interest to your company web pages.

Online Business Directories can be an effective way to list your business and invite your customer into your store. Including your Virtual Tour as part of your Google Map or directions gives your listing an added pizazz.

Rapid Return On Investment

3D Virtual Tours are a new technology and as such, they attract consumer interest. This immersive media enables your customer to view more content than ever before.

Due to the versatility, user-friendliness, and customer engagement that the tours offer, most businesses reach ROI after just four weeks. Google Stats report that the technology can increase store visits by 44%.

Launched in 2015, 3D Virtual Tours offer a fresh and novel approach to consumer browsing. Incorporating the embedded video into your digital campaigns gives you an immediate edge on your competitors.

A Key Tool For Small Business Owners

The small to medium size business has a lot to contend with in order to achieve maximum profitability. As a business owner, you are competing against many others in the same market. And unfortunately, a small business does not have the advertising budget to compete with the big players.

3D Virtual Tours, with their proven ROI and relative ease of promotion through social media campaigns, are an essential tool in your marketing armory. Increase your visibility easily through Google and enjoy the results.

professionally produced tour of your store allows you to stand out from your competitors. Your products are on display and your merchandise is clearly visible. Your customer is able to move around your store as if they were physically inside the shop.

How Do I Start?

3D Virtual Tours will give your social media campaigns the edge they deserve. The process is simple, and the team at Real Estate 360 are there to help you every step of the way.

Focused on showcasing local businesses at their best, Real Estate 360 offer a tried and trusted video service. Their team will advise on the best method to display your store for optimum filming and will work with you to achieve the results you desire.

Contact the professionals today to make a virtual tour of your store a reality.