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Virtual personal assistants (VPA) are becoming a norm. As part of this trend, Amazon Echo is dominating 82 percent of the current market.

More than eight million people use an Amazon Echo. That number is projected to grow to 35 million in 2018.

What does all this mean for real estate?

To start, it is likely that current and future prospective home buyers will expect a smart speaker as a home feature.

Secondly, clients will expect their real estate agents to communicate with them via virtual digital technology. They are more likely to choose a company that works with today’s technological trends than one that doesn’t.

Lastly, virtual digital assistants provide a new and exciting platform to reach a wider and more targeted audience.

Continue reading to learn how Alexa skills can help you manage your real estate business and improve your profits.

Stay in and Ahead of the Market

Brand reputation is everything in the real estate world. Staying up-to-date with times is one way to make sure your brand keeps a positive and successful image.

There is currently an exceptional real estate app in Alexa’s directory that every local real estate business should be a part of. There are also opportunities to create your own Alexa skills and stand out from the crowd.

Voiceter Pro

One of the more popular Alexa skills is Alexa’s Real Estate app Voiceter Pro. It lets you stay up-to-date with the real estate market in your area. This application lets users search for homes for sale or rent in a specific location or neighborhood.

It includes home search criteria to help users narrow down and customize their home search. After the search request, Alexa provides the first three matches to the listener and sends them via email as well.

This app helps real estate companies find for-sale-by-owner homes that may be in need of a real estate agent. It can help you stay up-to-date with current pricing, new developments, and market-hot areas.

Voiceter Pro also answers homebuyers questions relative to real estate, moving, and home ownership.

This particular Amazon Alexa skill is beneficial for real estate businesses too.

Having Alexa and Alexa skills will allow significant marketing of your real estate company and properties.

Being a part of the Voiceter Pro app will help you reach a wider audience and provide a new platform for reaching out to buyers. It’s a great way to keep your business both competitive and trendy.

Trust us. You don’t want to be the only real estate business in town that is not a part of Alexa skills and her real estate app.

Create Your Own Alexa Skill

You can create your own Alexa skills for your real estate company. Currently, there are 40 real estate skills in Alexa’s directory, making it one of the larger markets.

It’s as easy working with a developer (freelancer developers are cheapest) to create your own skill.

Next, you need to spend some time each week voice recording new properties and discussing the local market. Consider sharing real estate trends and celebrity real estate news, or heartwarming stories.

The great thing about voice marketing is you can make it your own. You have the floor to change things up and discuss whatever is relevant that week and for your city.

It also provides an opportunity to sustain communication with customers after the sale.

Homebuyers may need various services after they purchase their home. With your own Alexa app, you can offer service recommendations that they will trust. All while maintaining a relationship with your customers.

With your own Alexa app, you can upload the home service companies, such as an electrician or plumber, that your business recommends. Then your customers have the option to turn to you for advice and assistance.

A real estate skill in Amazon’s Alexa directory can also provide an advertising platform.

For example, if you’re having a no closing costs promotion or a price drop on a local property, you can use Alexa to voice market this to your current and potential customers.

The best part about having your own Alexa skills is that it costs nothing after the initial development and installation costs.

Plus, having your own dynamic Alexa skill will set you apart from other real estate agencies and make sure your customers don’t forget you. Most of the other real estate business in the Amazon Echo only provide their contact information.

Voice-Controlled Automatic Home Features (Smart Homes)

In the real estate business, first impressions are key to winning a client and closing a home. Wow your customers with Alexa skills for automatic smart home features.

The newest Amazon Echo Plus can connect and control up to 100 smart appliances with the installation of IFTTT.

That’s right.

With one device and the sound of your voice, you can switch the lights, change the TV channel, start the dishwasher, and alter the thermostat. Users can even lock and unlock doors, turn on/off home security, and more.

How impressive will it be to open the door to a beautiful home and tell it how to behave? Extremely.

Plus, creating implementing smart features into a home is a huge selling point and will increase the value of the home.

In today’s competitive home buying market, buyers will be looking to be impressed. They will expect advance and updated technology as part of their new home’s features.

So go above and beyond expectations and use Alexa skills to smarten up your properties.


Owning homes, showing homes, managing homes, selling homes…it’s all influenced by the weather.

It is important for property owners to keep up-to-date with the local weather. This will ensure their residents and homes are safe.

For example, if a hurricane is coming, it’s the property owners’ responsibility to put out sandbags and board windows if necessary.

The weather on the day you show a home for rent or sale can actually influence how the client feels about it. If it’s raining, cold, and downright dreary, your client probably won’t have a warm, cozy positive memory of the house.

Plus, poor weather does nothing good for the curb appeal. Ran and snow can lead to a muddy mess. Snow, in particular, will cover gardens, walkways, and outdoor areas. This can make it hard to show the value of the outdoor construction and features.

With Amazon Alexa skills, you can receive the weather forecast at any time. The Big Sky application will tell you everything from when the rain will start and end at a specific location to the level of humidity and wind.

You can even set your Alexa to give you notifications if bad weather is coming. For example, it can warn you if a storm is about to hit, or there is a lightening in the area.

Next time you schedule an open house or a showing, check with Alexa first and make sure the sun will be shining and your clients will be smiling.


Amazon Alexa skills include various banking features. If your bank is part of the directory, you can connect your bank account to Alexa and use it to easily pay bills or check balances.

For example, real estate owners or managers can easily pay the office or property utility bills with their voice.

Perhaps you have invoices for home services that need to be paid. Simple. Just connect them to your financial account and tell Alexa to pay them.

Maybe your office is in need of supplies, such as paper or ink. You can quickly order that from Amazon with simply your voice.

If you’re advertising on social media or Google, you can easily pay, increase, or lower your budget with Alexa.

Connecting your bank accounts to Alexa can also be used to transfer funds, such as moving money to a business account or vice versa.

Another interesting Alexa feature is the stock updates. You can check daily stock market prices on specific companies (such as your own). This will help you stay up-to-date with your investments and ensure they are safe.

Marketing Ideas

We all have those times where we run out of ideas. Especially when it comes to marketing and advertising, it can be all too easy to fall into a creative routine.

Well, there is are Alexa skills to help with that.

The Giant Spoon skill in Alexa’s directory provides expert marketing ideas based on your target audience and their culture. The ideas are virtually endless and you can even work to plan a creative marketing strategy right from your Alexa.

This skill is extremely helpful when you need to think outside of the box for your next ad or promotion. It also provides a framework for brainstorming.

You may not always get ideas dedicated to the field of real estate. However, that can make it all the more fun and interesting. Learning from other markets will help set you apart and lead to variation.

So, next time you have a marketing meeting, use your Alexa’s Giant Spoon skill to kickstart the meeting. No more wasting precious time.


Real estate is a busy business. Agents and owners are constantly scheduling meetings, planning and attending showings, hosting open houses, taking calls from both buyers and sellers, and more.

The constant on-the-go job makes it difficult to always write down appointments and keep a schedule.

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just don’t have the time get out a pen and paper or your phone, and add something to your calendar.

These reasons are why the Amazon Alexa is the real estate agents’ new best friend. Alexa skills are perfect for keeping your planner up-to-date and reminding you of daily events.

Using either Google Calendar or Quick Events, you can tell Alexa to schedule things for you on certain days and times.

You can also tell it to remind you at a certain time before the event. For example, if you’re planning a house showing tomorrow at 10 a.m., you can have Alexa remind you of this at 9 a.m.

Basically, utilizing Alexa skills in your real estate business will keep things organized. It’s a cost-effective and simple way to make sure time is managed effectively and customers are kept happy.

Auto Tracking

As a real estate business owner, your employees may have company vehicles. You can track them, as well as your own vehicle, with Alexa’s Automatic skill.

The Automatic skill comes with a device to install in your vehicle’s OBDII port. The device then connects to your smartphone and your Amazon Alexa.

After installation, the automatic skill keeps tabs on the essentials of your car(s). It will tell you everything from fuel levels to the car location.

It can also be used to make sure your own car is safe while ensuring that your company’s vehicles are not being misused or driven recklessly.

Your employees will drive better and safer if they know the vehicle is being regulated.

If by chance a car gets stolen, you will easily and quickly be able to find it with the help of Alexa.

Improve Your Real Estate Business with Alexa Skills

Virtual assistant technology is projected to be a $15.8 billion industry by 2021. As you can see, the Amazon Alexa offers many benefits for businesses, especially for real estate companies.

At Real Estate Three Sixty, we can help jumpstart your Alexa skills integration and make sure you’re getting the most of it.

We provide marketing, advertising, developing, and information services specifically for real estate companies.

Remember the tip to have your own real estate Alexa skill? We can help with that!

We can also help you expand your market through Amazon’s Alexa with creative, trendy, and high-tech strategies.

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