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The Internet offers dozens of review platforms. While Yelp and TripAdvisor are important, Google Reviews top all other sites.

More than 1.17 billion people use Google. When a consumer searches for your company’s name, your Google review rating is displayed. Because Google ratings are so prominent, you want to ensure that you’re in good standing with your customers.

Your online rating has an impact on your company’s success. Don’t let negative reviews and low ratings drive your leads and conversions.

Interested in learning more about Google ratings? If so, continue reading.

We’ll cover the importance of these ratings as well as ways to make online reviews work for your company.

Why Google Ratings Matter

More often than not, Google is the first point of contact between a consumer and your business. People use Google to find nearby businesses and to look up contact information. Most important, they use the search engine to read online reviews.

In fact, about 13% of traffic value can be attributed to reviews.

Have you claimed your business listing on Google through the My Business tool? If so, you’ll need to pay close attention to customer reviews.

Both positive and negative reviews have an impact on your company’s reputation.

Here are 3 reasons why Google ratings matter.

1. Customers Trust Reviews

Consumers want to get the best bang for their buck. They also want to have a quality experience with the company’s they interact with.

While personal recommendations are valuable, more than 88% of consumers find online reviews just as trustworthy. This means that your company’s online reputation must be solid and overall, positive.

When customers research your company, you want them to be presented with positive reviews.

2. Reviews Boost Conversion Rates

The more reviews you have, the more likely it is that a customer will make a purchase. Having more than 10 reviews can boost your conversion rates by more than 7%.

As with anything business related, there is a fine balance between quality and quantity.

Consumers can spot fake reviews. What’s important is that your reviews are real and that there are plenty of them.

3. Reputation Matters

Positive reviews build a quality reputation for your company. In turn, consumers consider your business to be trustworthy and reputable.

The better standing you have in the online community, the better.

How to Boost Your Company’s Google Rating

Convinced that Google ratings are extremely important for the success of your company?

Now comes the important part: knowing how to make reviews work for you. If you’re starting from scratch, the task of getting customers to review your company may seem daunting.

We’re here to make the process easier! Here are 5 techniques to get more and better customer reviews.

1. Give a Reason Why

Customers don’t get much out of leaving a review for your company. It takes time and effort.

A customer is more likely to leave a review for your company if they know the review is purposeful.

For example, tell your customers that leaving a review helps to build your company’s brand. Reviews also help other consumers make more informed buying decisions.

Being appreciative of customer reviews can also prompt more customers to leave them. Let customers know that you value and appreciate their thoughts.

2. Provide a Simple Process

Making your customers jump through hoops isn’t ideal. No one will review your company if the process is complicated.

The key is to make the review process as easy as possible. To do this:

  • Always provide a direct link to the review site
  • Use a call to action to prompt a review
  • Embed reviews into an email message, if possible

3. Respond to Reviews

To get more and better Google ratings, respond to customer reviews. Responding drives customer engagement. It boosts your company’s brand and reputation.

Getting involved in the review process also proves your company’s commitment to customer service. It shows that you value customer experiences.

The key is to respond to all reviews, negative and positive.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

The fact is that no company can achieve 100% customer satisfaction. It’s also well-known that unhappy customers are more likely to review their negative experiences.

When you receive a negative Google rating, don’t run away from it. If you’ve received a negative review, here are actions you’ll want to take:

  • Acknowledge the review
  • Respond to the customer
  • Provide a sincere apology
  • Offer a solution to the problem
  • Ensure your response is public

Most importantly, learn something from the review. Make a change to your product or processes, if warranted.

When consumers see that the company has taken the time to address a problematic situation, your reputation is given a boost.

4. Promote Your Google Ratings Page

By now your company should be active on social media. To drive traffic to your reviews page, share the link!

Feel free to let your social media audience know that you want reviews.

With a solid call to action, consumers may be willing to share their feedback.

5. Avoid Fake Reviews

Is your company starting from scratch? If so, the idea of fake reviews may be convincing.

However, fake reviews can negatively impact your company’s reputation. Many consumers are able to spot a fake review immediately.

Avoid falling into the trap of an easy fix. Getting customer reviews will take time. But, quality reviews are always valued over quantity.

3D Virtual Tours to Boost Consumer Awareness

Reviews play an important role in your company’s reputation. As a company owner, you’re always looking for new ways to get the customer’s attention.

Aside from online reviews, your company should also invest in a Google 3D virtual tour. These tours can improve search engine optimization while increasing company awareness.

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