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Small business owners and entrepreneurs in all markets would be hard-pressed to find a better marketing investment than Facebook right now. In the digital marketplace, Facebook allows business to target clients and create marketing campaigns with high return on investment (ROI).

Facebook saw 45% growth last quarter due in part to their ability to help businesses succeed. But when it comes to increasing brand visibility real estate agents can’t just rely on using Facebook alone.

Making the most of the technology means employing custom tabs on Facebook Page. With these tools, you can embed a 3D virtual tour and rise above the competition.

A 3D virtual tour will set your business apart and make the most of digital marketing. Here’s how:

Make The Experience Custom

Savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are right to consider the return before making any investment in marketing. Before spending time and resources on creating custom tabs on Facebook they want to know how it will benefit them.

In a digital marketplace, the great opportunity is direct contact with potential clients and existing customers. You can have access without the intermediaries of traditional media and cater to the desires of your audience.

And what do today’s consumers want? A unique experience.

Whether you make the most of 3D virtual tours or create additional unique content it is important to stand out from the crowd and give your visitors what they want. Since more than 50 million businesses use Facebook, companies who don’t spend time on customization are bound to blend in with the herd.

Creating custom tabs on Facebook Page lets you show your customers and Facebook visitors you are unique, cutting edge, and catering to their desires. Your business will show returns on every effort you spend on creating customization in the digital market.

Start Small

Before setting up your custom tabs on Facebook Page it’s important you create a foundation for success on the tool. Just entering your basic business information should be the first priority.

Include your location, contact information, and a call to action (CTA) button as your beginning in Facebook. Too many businesses spend money on marketing efforts only to have clients confused as to how to contact our locate their services.

Make sure you integrate the CTA with your business goals. Facebook offers business users a number of options for a CTA.

Using a CTA that integrates with your overall marketing strategy is a sure way to get users to respond and make the most of your Facebook Page.

Using Edit for Custom Tabs on Facebook Page

Tabs are the items directly below the cover photo on your business page. Facebook grants access to users setting up their custom tabs when clicking the “Edit” button on the Facebook app.

Clicking “more” will bring users to a page where they can set up custom tabs. Or, using the settings menu you can have Facebook recommend page tabs for your page.

In either case, you can set custom titles for tabs and use custom content for the best possible user experience.

Set up Secure URL

Whatever content you choose to show under the tabs menu should be customized to the needs and desires of your current and potential customers. In digital marketing, 3D virtual tours are a great way to invite users into the world of your business.

Whether you are a restaurant, service company, real estate agent, or retail location, 3D tours show customers more than images. They reveal what each customer can expect from your business, goods, and services.

But in order for your 3D virtual tour, or any other content using custom tabs on Facebook Page to work, you need to set up a secure URL.

For the content to be displayed in the Facebook tab the technology requires a secure URL. Real Estate 360 can help you navigate this issue for your business if need be.

Either way, setting up a secure URL for the content is a necessity.

Configure Tab

At this point, you have the content set and have created a tab for the unique content you created. Now you need to configure the tab to point to the content you created.

In the case of a 3D virtual tour, this is an easy task. You have the tour on a secure URL and now click the settings button next to your tab.

In many cases naming the tab could be as easy as “Tour.” But be sure to be creative and add a tab title users will understand and enjoy following.

In the settings section of each tab, you can paste the URL of the virtual tour in the URL space provided. Users will then be led to your virtual tour when they click on the tab.

Everyone from colleges to realtors to NASA use virtual tours to help internet users get a unique experience. Now your Facebook Page visitors will have one as well.

Setting as a Priority

Once you have your tab set up with great content and configured it’s important that it gets seen. Within Facebook settings, you can drag the order of the tabs to make sure nothing is lost along the line.

Many companies that invest in a virtual tour set it as their first or second option in the tabs menu after “Home.” This gives users an intimate feel and a unique experience right away.

We Can Help

Once you realize how easy it is to create custom tabs on Facebook Page the next step is making sure you have quality content to match.

Real Estate 360 can help you boost your listing’s online visibility by using 3D virtual tours on your Facebook page and integrated with your digital marketing.

For businesses who are looking for clear results, we can help.