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Does anyone know your business website exists? What methods are you using to direct traffic to your site? Is there a call to action that leads them to your brick and mortar location?

If you are scratching your head, you may need a local SEO strategist. Someone you can meet with face-to-face. A person who can provide customized local SEO services.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method used to draw organic traffic to your business website. There are several techniques used at the local level to raise your website to the top of search engine rankings.

Continue reading to see if your business could benefit from SEO services geared towards local businesses.

1. You’re Not Ranking in SERPs

SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages. When someone enters a query into their search engine it returns the top results.

When a local business wants to get potential customers through their doors they create an online presence. Too often SMB’s do not understand what takes place behind the scenes to drive traffic to their website.

Having a local SEO provider means customized strategies that help raise the rankings for a local audience.

So when someone searches for your product or service and enter your city, your business should appear in the search engine results.

2. Your Website Lacks a Good Page Description

Page descriptions or site descriptions are the short blurb that appears beneath a page URL on search engine listings. An SEO specialist can ensure your business message speaks loud and clear.

When users search for a specific product or service it’s likely they read the page description to determine if they will click on the page link.

You only get a few lines so make them count. State what your business offers. And include strong keywords.

The right keywords in the site description can significantly improve your rankings.

3. You Haven’t Completed a Google My Business Page

One important thing local SEO services offer is KGO, Knowledge Graph Optimization.

A knowledge graph is what the industry refers to as Google My Business Page. Information regarding a business appears in the right side column of Google SERPs. This panel includes basic information about your business.

You also can include images, a Google Map, reviews and more.

Getting your business listed requires submitting a request and following Google’s verification process. Your SEO strategist can handle the process for you.

Once completed, users searching for your business can have pertinent information at their fingertips. This information includes hours of operation, directions, phone number and much more.

4. Your Website is not Connected to Your Social Media

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great ways to extend your reach by helping you promote your business to a larger audience.

Social media is also an excellent opportunity to share content from your business website. Local SEO services can show you how to utilize social media to boost your rankings.

Eye-catching professional images from your website can be used for promotions and SEO capabilities, on Instagram and Pinterest. Hot in social media is the new Facebook cover videos.

Images and short clips are great social media marketing strategies that give your business personality. They also drive traffic to your website.

5. Your Business Needs Media Coverage

One way to create SEO juice is media coverage. There are different ways to achieve this.

As a business owner, you should build relationships with individuals in different forms of media. News stations, newspapers, magazines, and blogs are examples.

If your business is having a grand opening or promoting a charitable event, have the local media cover it. This is where networking comes into play.

It is not uncommon for your local paper, news outlet, or popular blogger to cover local events.

When they have open space or looking for a local feature you could get the call. Post the footage on your website and social media platforms.

6. Your Website Does Not Have a Link Building Strategy

One very important SEO strategy is link building. This is the process of incorporating links from authoritative websites into content from your webpages.

This is best done through blogs and other content blocks created to show you are knowledgeable in your industry.

Companies that offer local SEO services are skilled at link building and will know how to select the best links. The use of back links has proven to be an important part of raising website rankings.

Link building can also be used to link to pages on your website.

7. Your Website Needs a Google Virtual Tour

Can you imagine giving customers a 360-degree tour of your business or service?

Have you visited a hotel website and were able to see the hotel grounds and guest rooms? What about apartment and house shopping?

Those are 360 tours and can increase bookings tremendously.

Google virtual tours should be a part of local SEO services that you ask about. The provider can bring in qualified photographers and videographers to capture your location or service from many angels.

Once your virtual tour is complete the video can be loaded to your Google My Business Page panel. It can also be incorporated into your website and social media platforms.

8. Your Business Can’t Survive Without Local SEO Services

Running a business is a lot of work. Trying to keep up with the latest trends and marketing strategies can be overwhelming.

Most SMBs have enough to worry about without the pressure of knowing SEO.

We have pointed out some very important signs that your business may need SEO to grow. Finding local SEO services is no different than finding a plumber or an accountant.

You want to do your research before having a consultation, ask for case studies, portfolios and references. Plus, you want to check their social media presence.

Virtual tours are a must in our reality driven world.

If your business is in or near Montreal, Canada, and you want to know more about Google virtual tours, book a visit with Montreal 360 Virtual Tours.

You can’t lose with this SEO driven strategy.